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The History of All Saints Eye Center

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After completing his residency in ophthalmology in 1992, Dr. Zimm chose to make Naples, Florida his home. Starting out solo was a challenge, however, the practice grew exponentially as Dr. Zimm saw patients of all ages and with any ocular problem. In 1995, Dr. Zimm recognized the need to be located in a highly visible, free standing facility and, therefore, his first office building was constructed in 1996 on Immokalee Road. After 27 years of Catholic education, Dr. Zimm felt it was only fitting to name his practice "All Saints Eye Center."

Several years later, the practice became too large for one eye doctor and, therefore, he added optometrists to the staff to accommodate the increased patient volume.

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Due to the fact that a lot of patients were travelling from Lee County to see Dr. Zimm, he opened the first satellite office in Fort Myers in 2000. Due to the rapid growth of Southwest Florida, All Saints Eye Center opened a third office in south Naples and a fourth location in Fort Myers by 2002. At that time, the staff had grown to approximately 20 people including four optometrists as well as an optical shop in all locations.

In 2004, Dr. Zimm and other local ophthalmologists opened Doctors Outpatient Surgery Center, an accredited ambulatory surgery center located in north Naples. This state of the art facility is where Dr. Zimm performs the majority of his surgical cases.

In 2012, it was apparent that we had outgrown one of our Fort Myers locations and, therefore, we moved to a free standing facility on Metro Parkway. The south Naples office experienced similar expansion and, in 2015, a building was constructed on Heritage Trail directly off of Davis Boulevard.

In an effort to provide the finest, and highest level, of care to the people of Southwest Florida, Dr. Zimm added sub-specialists in the area of oculoplastic, retina, and dermatology staff has grown to over fifty employees all dedicated to provide

Our goal is to provide the highest quality eyecare to our patients. Therefore, each patient must be treated as if they are the only patient in our practice. Our mission can be summed up in one sentence...

"Practice good medicine and the rest will come!"
Edward J. Zimm, MD
(Dr. Zimm's Father)

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See What Our Patients Are Saying

“As an avid fisherman, golfer and building contractor I rely on my eyes a lot. Dr. Zimm helped correct my long distance vision to the point that I no longer have to strain my eyes to see the fish or watch the golf ball. They also fitted me for the right glasses to wear driving vs. out on the boat and golf course. Major improvement in quality of living!!!”


“I went for my eye exam at All Saint's and could not have been more pleased. Pia was friendly,professional, and patient with me. I did not feel rushed like I did at my last eye dr. Dr. Donaghy wasequally relaxed and through. Highly recommend!”

Catie Hart

“Just had LASIK here. The first appointment took a while, but that's because they did a lot of testing. Theyhad me scheduled the next week and they did the surgery within about 1 hour. Dr. Zimm was very nice,chill, and laid-back, which put me at eas. I couldn't get one of my eyes to cooperate, but he stuck with itand helped coach me through not moving it during the surgery.” 


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